Duration: flexible
Country: Tanzania
Departures: Daresalam to Daresalam

Destination: Stone town/ Chumbe Island/ North Coast/ East Coast

Activities and attractions: dhow cruises, beach activities, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and many more

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The Zanzibar destinations include;

  1. Stone town

For many tourists, the first stop will be the historical city center which is also referred to as Stone Town. With its fascinating buildings and winding roads and alleys where one is bound to get lost at some point, Stone Town will definitely be one of your highlights.

  1. Chumbe Island

Experience nature at its best, far away from any form of civilization and modern infrastructure. Chumbe, an award-winning island situated off Zanzibar offers secluded and pristine beaches and is surrounded by a biodiverse coral reef. With its eco-friendly and sustainable setup, it’s perfect for nature enthusiast yearning for the ultimate Robinson-Crusoe-feeling.

  1. North Coast

In the north, approximately 50 km from Stone Town, is Nungwi. Once a sleepy fishing village, it is now a popular island destination full of life. It is also one of the only places from where you can see both the sunrise and sunset over the ocean.

  1. East Coast

The east coast of Zanzibar is very popular amongst visitors seeking beautiful beaches and tranquillity and it is just like a tropical paradise with its miles of palm-fringed beaches. Compared to other regions of the island, the coral reef on the east coast is at its furthest distance from the shore and swimming is only possible during high tide.

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Zanzibar Exploration
Zanzibar Exploration

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