Tourisme Tours offers a wealth of specialist experience in tourism and conservation. We boast an experience in Eco- tourism, Wildlife Sanctuary management, Strategy development, Environment Resource Material Development, Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development, Monitoring and Evaluation.

We have clients ranging from international bodies and national and local government to tourism enterprises, heritage and environmental agencies and local communities. Our mission is to combine innovative ideas and realistic solutions, with the principles of sustainable development.

In Eco tourism, we help travel agents and all stakes in tourism sector to institutionalize Eco Tourism principles and Mechanisms. This goes a long way to put the agents at the best platform for marketing and also qualify for Eco rating. The tourist of today is a sustainable traveler and therefore it is important to have mechanisms that will help them achieve their desires. We go further to assist camp/ sanctuary managers to design and implement sanctuary management plans.

In strategy development, we prepare strategies for organizations working in Environment and Tourism sector. Each of our strategies is crafted to meet the specific needs of the organization. We use participatory approaches and consultation to conclude the SWOT and design Strategy plan.  Our end results include practical action plans, M&E plans and recommendations on the best structures for securing commitment from partners and networks.

 From 2005, the world recognized the need to implement Education for Sustainable Development. That quality of our education systems has a major role to play in sustainable development. On this we help Education Institutions and Stakeholders in both formal and non formal sector to mainstream sustainability into their curriculum and teaching methodologies. We do this through rigorous training set of sustainability programs/ projects and development of resources to aid in same. We tailor make trainings according to target group/ institutions.

The power of Monitoring and Evaluation is strong when it comes to program/ plan/ project management. We design M&E tools and plans that promote learning for Impact. We also have experience in baselines, outcome and impact studies for conservation/ tourism plans/ programs and projects.